Thursday, December 13, 2007

Don't you love outfit validation from a gay man?!

I'm finally back at work. I've been so low key lately that I don't really have anything to write about. How about a street fashion post?

When the "big shoulder pads" look of the 80's comes back as everyone is predicting it will, I think this is what it will look like: just wide shoulders, no padding. I can handle that.

You know what else I can handle? SOME OF THIS! (pardon the pun)

This one is seriously making me consider busting out the shears and turning my high waist pants into shorts (they shrunk too much in the wash anyway so they've become all but unwearable as it is).

I really am on an 80's kick, huh? I'm in love with these pants.

Over a month and all I could find was 4 that I liked. Huh?

One more thing - if you're in Burlington, keep your eye out for me downtown this Saturday. I'll be there with Xmas manning the table for the Green Closet at some Christmas sale type thing somewhere.

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