Monday, November 10, 2008

Collars, mending, knitting....more making stuff!

I started and finished my first personal sewing project in almost a year yesterday! I thrifted this dress while I was house sitting in Richmond that had potential, but needed to be shortened, and I thought would really benefit from the addition of a peter-pan collar. The only downside is that I completely forgot to photograph - both before and after - so you can't see what I did....yet.

Edited 2/8 to add a picture!

I've also been working on this knitted lace dress using an incredible 100% bamboo's slooooowwww going though so I decided to bust out a new more-bus-appropriate project. I haven't really settled on one though. I'm trying to balance my love of seamless-knitting-in-the-round with the unwieldy-ness of the nearly finished project that produces.

And so this isn't too are some pictures from the street fashion blogs featuring sandals+socks+tights - ALL AT ONCE. I would love to try this out but....I'm not sure my particular brand of leg can pull it off. Maybe something with a big cuff.

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