Thursday, November 20, 2008

Needs and wants

BEST BIRTHDAY EVER. Seriously. I got to go to the Preloved store and I got a dress and a skirt! I wore the skirt out to dinner on my actual birthday and felt both adorable and cosmopolitan. I wasn't even going to buy the dress since it's not my usual style, but I was encouraged to do so and less than an hour later I was SO GLAD. So far I've looked at it every day just to marvel at the amazing design.

Now I need a new dress form because mine has finally shit the bed. I need a new serger for the same reason. Big purchases make me nervous, and living in the middle of nowhere without a car I can't really go and try out machines to decide which one I like best. Maybe when I head home for Thanksgiving....

I also spent about an hour checking out Ravelry today...forgetting about all the great free patterns for a moment, that site has to be THE most well designed site for anything, ever. I am IMPRESSED.

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