Sunday, March 8, 2009

The Stud Bug

...has bitten me. I finished de-studding this belt a few days ago:

And now I have these!

I spent today working on this shirt transformation after being inspired by Clevergirl. I didn't actually watch the tutorial until afterwards (it's very well done!), it was the before and after pictures that got me thinking. So I picked up this men's shirt on Friday and worked on it while I should have been outside in the sun.

It's so cute and there are so many great details that I'm in love with. PLUS, I saved *just* enough fabric to make a matching bra!

Sorry for the blurry pictures. I finally broke down and ordered a full size tripod that is scheduled to arrive on Wednesday. TONS more sharper pictures to come!


  1. This is so well done! Just meticulous. You know I'll have to make one now, right? :)

  2. oh my GOD, this is AMAZING. seriously. and a matching bra?! love!!

  3. a matching bra? that is way too ambitious... great job.

  4. That is really cute!!! You did a fantastic job with the refashion. And I hope you did go and make that bra :-), I know I would smile all day if I had one like that. TMI, I know.

  5. Thanks so much for the compliments!! I haven't made the bra yet....I'm shameless and will totally post pictures when I do, though!

  6. You did a fantastic/amazing/inspired job! Well done. Best recon I have seen. Really.