Sunday, January 31, 2010

My Thanksgiving dress

I cooked the turkey this year, so I chose to celebrate its significance by making a dress to wear.

I used a vintage 70's wedding dress pattern for this one, with some modifications. For fabric I used this really nice heavy wool that I have had for so long I no longer remember where I got it.

One of the modifications I made was the gathering on the skirt. The original had the gathering on the sides....which is a terrible idea if you ask me. I think it looks much better with the gathers between the princess seams.

Probably the most fun part of this is the lining: an Alexander Henry print.

The most significant aspect of this dress though is what happened after I put the zipper in. The top edge didn't quite line up, and so to hide that I attached a little bow which attaches with a trouser hook on one side.

This is going to be my signature detail from now on - I love it so much!!


  1. really cute! i so wish i could sew. i totally agree about the gathering- it would look terrible on the sides but is adorable in the middle! i'm surprised that it's a wedding dress pattern but i guess they were simpler times :D