Monday, September 13, 2010

Fall 2010 Highlights

So the fashion blogging world is all abuzz with the Spring 2011 collections being shown at NYFW *right now*. I just figured out yesterday how to save the nice big pictures that they show at the NYT site, so here are some of my favorites from Fall know because it's September.

Chloe: I know that it's unlikely that anyone can truly "rock" or "kill it" in this look. It's a KNITTED JUMPSUIT. But the texture of that cape is calling to me. It's an incredibly labor intensive thing to hand-knit, but I might be up to the challenge of a hat? Mitten cuffs maybe?

Oscar De La Renta: NEED THAT HAT. I have a vintage faux-fur capelet that is ready to be chopped up in the service of me attempting to make one. That sweater is a 10, too.

This faux-sweetheart neckline is something I am dying to try.

Galliano for Dior: check out the shoulder strap detail....

And this is just begging to be DIY'ed...

Isabel Marant: I might not ever wear something this metallic, but I am appreciating the overall shape with the perfect leather obi-belt.

Marc by Marc: This is the kind of thing you could spend $$$ on and wear until it's threadbare.

Louis Vuitton..again with the sweetheart neckline!

Tracy Reese...I am all about the lace insets for fall.

Another labor intensive shaggy/loopy hand knit.

I'm loving this from a potential-wedding-dress design perspective. Down to the jewelry and the tights...even the boots! Though it would be even more over the top to add some leopard platforms to the mix.


  1. The Colette Macaron has a faux-sweetheart neckline -- not that you need a pattern b/c I've seen what you've made on your own! Just in case you want to try it... Hope to see your own version of a knit jumpsuit!!!

  2. Antoinette: you know I was TOTALLY going to include a link because I bought that pattern precisely because of the neckline, but I was too lazy too look it up! I'm such a bad blogger.