Wednesday, September 22, 2010

A pseudo-tribal return to form

It's been ages since I did a really fantastic reconstruction. And by fantastic I mean combining several pieces of clothing to create one really wearable and inspired piece. But I am feeling it now!

I bought this shirt at a secondhand shop in the spring....something about the print spoke to me.

And then at a clothing swap this summer, this gem was in the leftovers pile. I took it knowing it would go under the knife in combination with the one above.

A few Sundays ago I had most of the day to just play, and ended up pulling these guys out of my treasure chest, along with an ankle length black knit skirt that I got out of the $2 box at Urban Outfitters years ago and a copy of McCall's M6109.

My initial intent was to use the taupe-y guy as the top, the magenta as the bottom, and the black just to break it up with the waistband. It soon became clear that I had nowhere near enough magenta for the fullness of the skirt, and instead of eliminating the fullness, I decided to go full on color block and well, here it is pinned on Millie:

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