Monday, March 12, 2007

Spring is here!

It was beautiful weather all weekend - which put me in a springy mood. My crazy vintage 70's border print fabric arrived in the mail on Saturday. Unfortunately the seller neglected to mention that the hot pink portion had imprinted itself all over the black and white part, so while I couldn't use it to make something to sell, I still did manage to make a really cute dress, which I will just have to find room for in my personal collection. Maybe the pink will wash out!

I also made black and white polka dot chiffon top from one of the new Anna Sui patterns. It is very cute but was VERY time consuming. I still have a lot of handsewing to do on the lining, too.

Photoshoot tonight, so pics tomorrow!

Oh yes - the BCM show that was rescheduled is this Friday! Hopefully we will have better weather this time.

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