Friday, April 27, 2007

Branching out

I think I'm going to start making jewelry again. I just bought some great stuff on etsy to help get me going. Now that I no longer have the ability to sew when I'm at home, I think this will be just the thing to fill that creative void.

My manager's last day is Monday, and he just suggested I take the rest of the day off. Who am I to argue with management?

So to wrap up this week, here is the best of the fashion blogs:

I've got to dig out my little black leather jacket. That reminds me...I loaned it out for a play a few years ago and never got it back. I've got to send out an email!

I will always love animal prints.

I'm still stuck on high waist pants for spring. I think I may work on that this weekend.

I cannot wait for warmer weather! (I don't get those Blythe dolls - for someone so into clothing, I'm so NOT into dolls).

This is more like what we've got for weather right now:

I am so thankful for graphic designers. I could never come up with something so simple and with so much impact.

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  1. Your latest looks are hot to trot. Miss you much stop in and say hi.