Thursday, May 3, 2007

A new era... reconstruction has begun! Well, for me at least. More on that in a bit.

I haven't posted in almost a week! I didn't bring my laptop home with me on Friday - too heavy to carry! And I woke up on Monday with a fever of 101 so I did the unthinkable and stayed home from work!! Tuesday I had an all day training and didn't even get to look at my email, so yesterday was spent getting it down to a more manageable one-page.

I did get busy this weekend before I fell ill, however. I got this black leather blazer for $5 at a store closing sale downtown a few months ago, and have been thinking about what to do with it since then. I finally determined that the leather itself is just WAY too shiny to be made into apparel, which leaves accessories. I've been wanting to trade in my backpack for a large handbag, so I decided to make one. I'm very pleased with how it turned out. I did take a before picture of the blazer, but because I forgot to take my camera to the studio with me on Saturday it's just a cell phone picture, and I don't think it's worth the $.25 to send it to my email.

One of the best parts about making your own handbag is the lining! It's much easier to find things in a bag that's lined in a lighter color, too.

I also redid this dress. I got it at the Green Closet in their old location - I loved how the print was just this side of zebra stripe, but the elastic waist was doing nothing for me.
So I refashioned it - it's basically the same dress, but much more fitted, no elastic waist, and a zipper in the back. That zipper in the back was something else, let me tell you. The first time I put in a 14" invisible zipper. It took me two tries, but that's par for my course - I'm new at invisible zippers. When I went to take a picture I couldn't get it over the "shoulders" of Millie (my dress from). This should have been a BIG RED FLAG for me, but I chose to ignore it and instead proceeded to try the dress on myself and use the timer to take an "after" picture. And then I couldn't get it off. I got it half way off and fumbled around the studio for a bit with my arms up over my head until I realized I'd either have to wear it for the rest of the day or risk ripping it. So I risked it, it didn't rip, and I put a longer, non-invisible zipper in. Except I sewed the skirt to the zipper when I did that. I ripped it out again. I sewed it in again - if you're counting we're up to four times now. Happily it came out perfectly the fourth time and I got to use a nice vintage metal zipper with a very satisfying zip-action to it. Now it is too small for me - but my loss is your gain! It should be at the Green Closet by the weekend.

Speaking of, there is a First Thursday trunk show tonight! This time it is a group show and while I'm not sure exactly who to expect, I do expect it to be exciting as usual.

This is just a hot Italian man - 'cause everyone can use a bit of that sometimes. To justify its appearance in this blog, I will note the pleated pants of which I am usually not a fan, but in this instance not too distracted by them.