Friday, May 4, 2007

M-A-L-L is a four letter word

This Saturday Made Boutique and the Burlington Craft Mafia are sponsoring the Queen City Craft Bazaar!

Lots of creators I know and love will be there selling their wares, including:

Kacey Boone of SubSixStudios. I own two of her pieces - both necklaces - and I love them both. They are the sort of thing that feels as good to touch and hold as it does to wear.

Claudia of Me and Louise. I own a belt and a top by Claudia and I can recommend her designs both from a quality and from an aesthetic perspective without hesitation.

Ava of Damn Fine Pants. I own one of her pieces as well and I am IN LOVE with her latest collection of tops. She's got pictures posted on her site. You will have to beat me down there if you want first pick.

Plus all of the other members of the Burlington Craft Mafia, and many many more crafters.

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