Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Spring vs. Studio

The weather has been so nice the past two weekends that I haven't done ANY sewing at all. I think this weekend may be time for some serious studio action - here are a few more reasons why:
  • I have all of these brand new attachments for my Kenmore that I got on eBay a few weeks ago. I got it for the monogrammer attachment (I can make my own labels now!) but got a really sweet surprise - there were all of these amazing feet included! I now have an edgestitcher and a narrow hemmer, a gathering foot, a bias tape applicating foot, and so many more! Trust me - this is huge.
  • I got a huge box of vintage fabric in the mail - also from eBay. There are some AMAZING prints - not the least of which is this floral knit featuring 101 Dalmations. I am NOT into Disney stuff at all - but even I am making an exception for this stuff.
  • In an impressive show of discipline (for me) I brought every single last piece I've made lately to the Green Closet (see previous post). This means I have nothing of my own to wear when the weather gets warm again!
I am also making great progress on the Complicated Crochet Dress. I got invited to a Cinco de Mayo party and I'm thinking that it just may be the absolute most perfect thing I could wear.

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