Original maven

Allison Bannister has been a presence on Burlington's indie fashion scene for more than a decade, but her Heinous Shrew (www.heinousshrew.com) brand only publicly launched last year.

Shopping in Burlington was limited when Bannister, 29, moved to Burlington 12 years ago, so she started sewing. Thrift shops serve as a treasure trove of quality vintage material.

"Reconstruction is taking existing clothing and turning in it into other clothing," said Bannister, who uses vintage patterns to craft quirky, one-of-a-kind togs. "It's not just cutting sleeves. It's really changing the shape and altering the presence of something."

Since 2001 Bannister has hosted independent fashion shows to receive feedback and have fun with friends. She decided to sell her clothes, including tea dresses for spring, at Green Closet because it's mission of reuse jives with her philosophy of fashion.

"Fashion is so fickle and temporary. It creates so much waste," Bannister said. "Deconstruction is a way to turn trash into fashion."