Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Tales from the maybe pile

I am wearing something from the maybe pile today! It's a light tan jacket from the late 70's/early 80's with a stand up collar and slightly puffed sleeves. It's pretty nicely tailored and very tiny so it fits me perfectly in the shoulders. I'm wearing the perfect blouse with it too - if only I had a picture! I'm a poster girl for pintucking today.

It's raining today - I wish there was someplace to buy umbrellas like this one:

The other day I was talking with someone about Monchichi dolls - remember those? And yesterday I saw this:

Here's a nice, albeit understated tribute to Isabella Blow, a well known member of the fashion elite, famous for her red lipstick and headwear choices, who died last week.

I really like to accessorize with scarves - not so much the silky ones as the really long knitted or crocheted type. I have a longer than average neck so that may be why I think it looks good. The only trouble is that it's a bit too warm and humid in the Northeast in the summer time to rock that look gracefully. How about a huge bubbly necklace to take it's place?

Notice the beetle encased in resin prominently displayed in the front there. I've got a spider in a similar situation that would definitely get worn more in necklace form than as the ring he is now. The only question is am I brave enough to wear a spider that close to my face?

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