Thursday, July 26, 2007

Have I already used "When it Rains it Pours" as a title?

Because I really believe it to be true. My friend Eric's dad is coming to visit this weekend - he's actually arriving today, and I just got a call last night from my lifetime friend Adam that he is coming up this weekend, too! He's picking me up early from work tomorrow on his way up from MA. I love visitors! Yay!

In all the time since my last picture post I have accumulated quite a few, so here they are!

This one gets filed under "things I'd like to make." I'm always looking for ways to use the stuff that you find in multiples for very little $$$ at thrift shops - how amazing is this rug made from recycled leather belts? I love how it almost looks like wood.

This just makes me happy. It's by artist Damien Hirst and is worth 50 million pounds.

I don't have the legs to pull this off (the thought of horizontal stripes on my lower hemisphere is enough to give me an anxiety attack), but it sure does look great on her.

How amazingly perfect is this blue coat? I have several different thick woollens in my stash, and I am planning to make a few slightly cropped coats. This is major inspiration. (I'll stop myself from just blatantly copying it, but it will be hard.)

The short sleeves on this little leather jacket would work so well with a long sleeved hooded sweater underneath.

Pink coveralls!

Everything she's wearing is basic and simple, but taken together, the whole is definitely greater than the sum of its parts.

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