Monday, March 5, 2007

Victory is mine!

So I got an absolute crap ton of amazing patterns at JoAnns on Friday. At first I was getting really pissed off because none of the ones I wanted were available, but then I asked, and it turns out that they were all in the back and hadn't been stocked yet. I got first pick of all the new patterns so I was able to get them all in just the right size. Yay! I also found some great fabric in the clearance section. Amazingly though I didn't spend any time in the studio this weekend. I am still recuperating from all the costume sewing I did for the Drag Ball almost a whole month ago!

Speaking of the Drag Ball, since I don't have any pics of recent stuff, here is a picture of some of the costumes I made:

I still can't believe no one got a single picture of me as a robot OR me as a pirate.

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