Friday, April 13, 2007

I can crochet!

So far, so good. I have yet to hit any snags with the Complicated Crochet Dress. Here is a picture of what I've done so far - I took this with my cell-phone so I could just send the picture to myself instead of hooking up my camera and all that - which explains the poor quality. Basically all you can tell is the colors - I like to think of them as peacock colors.

And since I have no other major updates to speak of, I will post another of my street fashion blog roundups!

This hits so many of the points I am feeling for spring. Purple, girlycute, loose tops...
These ladies are both rocking what I would like to think of as my own personal style - big scarves, animal prints, colorful shoes...

Now THIS is how the 80's should be revived - straight up, no chaser.

You've all seen them. The superbright late 60's and early 70's styles in the thrift shops. Perfect condition, in your size, but.... I can never bring myself to believe that I will wear it and not look costumey. And then I see someone like this. Even the TURBAN works!

Word on the street (and by street I mean Interweb) is that the only thing hotter than babydolls for spring is high waisted jeans. If I were to rock them, THIS is how I would do it.

And last, but not least, proof than man-purses can be carried with aplomb.

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